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Dadia Forest


Update on facilities

The hotel in Dadia which was formerly the eco-lodge has been renovated and reopened. Now called the 'Forest Inn', the beautifully refurbished hotel has all the facilities you could wish for, including wifi. Its website is The accommodation also has a facebook page at with reviews and up-to-date news.

Dadia forest and the Evros mountains

The forest has the reputation of being the best site in Europe for raptors, with 36 of Europe’s 39 species recorded. A 2006 survey found 350 raptor territories during the breeding season.

In two days in the forest in May we saw Black, Griffon and Egyptian Vultures, Golden, Lesser-spotted, Short-toed and Booted Eagles, Common and Honey Buzzards, Lanner, Peregrine, Hobby and Red-footed Falcons and both Sparrowhawks. Add to that the presence of Black Kite and Kestrel with the chance of Imperial and White - tailed Eagles, Goshawk and Long-Legged Buzzard and the reputation seems justified. Imperial no longer breeds but the continued presence of two immatures suggests that this might not always be the case.


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