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Photo of Steve Mills and Hilary Koll

Steve Mills and Hilary Koll are professional writers and consultants in the field of education. They are award-winning writers and have written over 200 books for teachers, parents and children in the UK.  Their love for Greece and Greek birds has led to them restoring an old house on Thasos and they spend as much time in Greece each year as they can.

Steve has written a Birdwatch column for the Athens News, an English-language newspaper in Greece and writes a blog under the name 'natural eyes'. He is passionate about wanting people to think about how their actions affect all other forms of life. In a world where so many are focused on doing things for the benefit of humans alone, regardless of the potentially devastating impact on the creatures with which we share the planet, Steve wants to remind us that small (and large) changes can be made to rectify this – if only thought was given!

Winning photo

He is an award-winning photographer and his image 'The Assasin' won the Birds: Behaviour category in the prestigious Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 held at the Natural History Museum in London each year.

This image also appeared in the 2014 NHM book '50 years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year'.

In December 2012 his picture of a Merlin and a Snipe appeared as a double-page spread in National Geographic magazine.

He was also a winner in the International Wildbird Photographer of the Year awards for 2007 with his picture of a Hen Harrier, taken at Porto Lagos in Greece. For more of his bird photographs from Greece go to

As a result of connections with the management staff at the Evros Delta, Steve and Hilary have written a children's bird book translated into Greek, which is sold in Greece to raise funds for bird protection, together with producing packs of playing cards for children and adults, each with a different Greek bird with names given in Latin, Greek and English.

They have also written two site guides, raised money for projects in Greece, such as building tern rafts and pelican platforms in a range of locations in Northern Greece, and are raising awareness of issues concerning birds in the region.

Hilary and Steve produce three Birdwing newsletters a year highlighting bird news from the area. They also send out information on issues affecting birds in Greece through social media using twitter names @birdwingeu @WildHils and @shepster55 and also through the facebook page Birdwing eu and the group Friends of Birdwing where our supporters are free to share their news, sightings and photographs.

Birdwing has members from all over the world who want to help birds in Greece.

Please join us.

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