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Sites of Northern Greece

Move your mouse around the map below.  Click on the higlighted circles as they appear to find out more about that area:

Greek Map
Amvrakikos and the West Coast Prespa Lakes Thessaloniki Area Lake Kerkini Porto Lagos Nestor and Ismarida Dadia Forest Evros Delta

Or, Select an Area from this List:

Please note that detailed information on all areas marked on the map can be found in the site guide 'Birdwatching in Northern Greece' available on the  Birdwing books page of this website

Recent Sightings

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  • Kerkini February: The severe weather of January continu …
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  • Evros February '17: The beginning of the month saw the de …
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  • Lake Ismarida Feb '17: The difficulty of finding food in the …
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