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Here are some of the comments our visitors have left us over the years:

"Hi there, we are thinking of birding Northern Greece next year and your site looks to be an invaluable resource. Great work, thank you. "

Ashley Gooding

2015-02-28 13:14:45

"Northern Greece is a must visit for Birders. You book is a great guide and an invaluable tool, a great read as we relive the holiday experience. Thank you for your work in GreecernM and P Bowling"

Malcolm & Pam Bowling

2015-02-28 13:13:05

"Agree nice new web site. We have just returned from 11 days trip from 28th Apr to 9th May. Visited Prespa, Kerkini at Evros, self-organised. 164 species seen. Book v useful. "

John Wilson

2015-02-28 13:09:48

"Loving the new website - it's fascinating to see where visitors to the site are with the global vistors icon at the bottom ... great! Keep up the good work!"


2012-05-09 17:33:20

"My family and I have recently returned from a wonderful week's Easter holiday in Northern Greece. We visited Kerkini, Dadia and the Evros Delta. Your book "Birdwatching in Northern Greece" was invaluable. It was very helpful to be advised exactly where to go and which birds we could expect to see. Thank you very much Sarah Pinnegar Scaramangas and family."

Sarah Pinnegar

2012-05-03 19:13:16

"Today your book arrived. It's a great guide, congratulations. It will be a great help to find the spots and birds."


2012-05-03 19:12:57

"Excellent idea to promote Greece and it's birding. I have been fortunate to go birding to many parts of the world, but Greece just has that selection of birds that makes me want to come back again and again. Keep up the great work!"

David Goulding

2012-05-03 19:12:47

"You are doing good work over there. I am the founder of Birding club of Lake Baringo,Kenya. It is composed of young guys who guide birders for easy spotting of birds especially the nocturnals during day time. Keep up the good job."


2012-05-03 19:12:13

"Thanks Steve, your excellent site guide is a must for everyone visiting the area. The guide was superb, without it we would not have found any birds. This part of Greece must be one of the most overlooked birding areas in Europe."

Kai Suomela

2012-05-03 19:12:13

"Looking forward to visit Greece again this year, Lesbos last year Samos next year."

Roy McGregor

2012-05-03 19:12:13

"Happy to read all those nice things about Greece thanks to Steve andHillary.We are a birdwatching center at the Amvrakikos Gulf,for more information please watch thank you."

Rodia Wetland Center

2012-05-03 19:12:13

"Thank you for the latest edition of your newsletter. It is good to hear what is being achieved in the wetlands of Northern Greece. We also found your bird guide for the area absolutely excellent and without it we would have missed many wonderful sightings of the full range of herons many of which we had not previously observed. You have inspired us to visit the region again, this time during the Spring migration in 2010."


2012-05-03 19:12:13

"Γεια σας.Ειμαι απο την Νεα Περαμο Καβαλας.Μολις ειδα την σελιδα σας και πραγματικα εχω μεινη εκπληκτος με της φωτογραφιες.Θα σας πω ενα πολυ μεγαλο Μπραβο και ενα ευχαριστω που τιματε την Βορεια Ελλαδα με αυτο τον τροπο.Συγνωμη που γραφω ελληνικα,δεν γνωριζω πολυ καλα αγγλικα.Να ειστε παντα καλα και σας ευχομαι να συνεχισετε το εργο σας."


2012-05-03 19:12:13

"I met you in June 2011 at the Lake Kerkini. I visited Dadia and the Evrosdelta and are totally inspired by what I saw. Cordial thanks for the Tips."


2012-05-03 19:12:13

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